Boku No Roblox:Remastered Wiki

Zero Gravity is a common-tier emitter-type quirk which allows the user to nullify the gravitational effect on anything they touch, thus making the target move without friction when force is applied to it as well as float.


  • This quirk is used by Ochaco Uraraka in the anime/manga Boku No Hero Academia.


Keybind Name Description Damage


Requirements GIF
Q Super Gravity Fling The user punches the target, launching the target in the opposite direction. 1,5x N/A
Super Gravity Fling.gif
Z Float The user punches the target, dealing no damage, but making them fly upward in slow speed. Multiple targets can be "floated" simultaneously. N/A 10 STR
X Fling If the target has been affected by Float, then, once the user presses 'X', the target will be sent flying in the direction of the cursor for damage. 2x 25 STR
C Gravity Rocks User picks up 4 rocks and sticks them to them, then once they press C again, user fires those rocks forward.

(Cooldown: ~5s)

2,5x 50 STR
V Giant Gravity Rock User picks up one giant rock, and throws it at the user's cursor.

(Cooldown: ~6s)

3,75x 100 STR
F Anti Gravity Form Newton's Physics does not apply to user when cast so they can jump extremely high and can run really fast. User also gains a pink aura. (This form lasts for ~10.75s.)

(Cooldown: ~10.25s)

N/A 100 AGI